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WordExpress specializes in expert transcriptions of audio and video files in English and in over 100 foreign languages.

Our transcription pros specialize in all aspects of transcription terminology and produce meticulous and accurate work. Every transcription is reviewed thoroughly by several editors, and formatted professionally.

We transcribe from and into numerous foreign languages, e.g. French, Portuguese, Spanish, Czech, Danish, Chinese, Taiwanese. Laotian, Khmer, Ethiopian, German, Greek, Arabic, Polish, Korean, Bengali, Farsi, Gujarati, Tagalog, Japanese, Swedish, Hebrew, Kurdish, Vietnamese, Miao, Zulu, Burmese, Korean, and many more!

We distinguish between two types of transcriptions:

1. Transcription only, without translation: These are transcriptions from any one language into the same language (e.g. from Spanish to Spanish). No translation is involved.

2. Transcription with translation: First, a transcription of the source recording is carried out (e.g. from Spanish to Spanish), followed by a written translation into another language (e.g. from French to English).

Both types of transcriptions are offered for audio and video files.

Here is a partial list of the industries we work with:

National and International Corporations and Organizations
We transcribe commercials, conferences, corporate minutes, focus groups, infomercials, lectures, meetings, presentations, product promotions, public relation campaigns, reports, seminars, statements and more…

Legal Community
We transcribe audio or video exhibits, oral affidavits, declarations, depositions, interrogations, investigations, oral agreements & statements and more…

Entertainment/Talent Agencies/Film/TV
We transcribe dialogues, documentaries, fictional scenes, films, interviews, TV shows and more…

Our worldwide pool of language experts allows us to carefully select those specialists best suited for your particular project. Our international professionals offer the highest proficiency in all pertinent terminology. All transcriptions are rendered accurately and formatted professionally. Professional time coding (continuity) will be provided upon request.

You are welcome to contact our Transcription Consultants with questions about your project.

WordExpress guarantees accurate service and superb performance! As such, all layout projects come with our Triple Guarantee:

1. Guaranteed Transcription Accuracy
2. Guaranteed Best Transcription Price
3. Guaranteed On-time Delivery

Make sure you receive the best possible language services available –

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1. Talk live on the phone to one of our Client Care consultants
at (310) 260-7705, ext. 105 or toll-free (only in the USA) at (800) 570-5950, ext. 105
2. Or email us here: (please attach your document)
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Our friendly Client Care Consultants will gladly assist you with any questions about:

• Our foreign language translation and transcription services
• Our Triple Guarantee
• Our foreign language translation and transcription discounts
• Our yearly discount contracts

Find out why our translation and transcription services are your best choice in the field of multilingual communication!
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