Quality is the hallmark of WordExpress and may be considered the single most important factor in the success of the company. Our clients commend us time and time again on the outstanding quality of our services.

Over the years, considerable efforts have gone into developing, establishing and refining our professional quality standards. They do not only conform to industry norms, but go far beyond them, meeting the highest linguistic criteria as well as the expectations of our most demanding clients.

These specific, stringent quality rules and guidelines are called the WordExpress Quality Standards. They ensure that our project managers and every language specialist strive for perfection with each and every project.

From the placement of your order through delivery, thoroughly trained and extensively experienced project managers process your project. The project management department screens, selects, instructs and supervises our translators, interpreters, transcribers, voice talents, writers, editors and proofreaders, and makes sure that all the WordExpress Quality Standards are met meticulously and consistently.

Quality begins with the selection of the appropriate language professionals from our large team of experts. We carefully choose those linguists best suited for your specific assignment. They possess educated native speaker proficiency in both the source and target languages, and specialize in the particular fields, subject matters and terminology of your projects. Thus they are capable of providing accurate and faithful renditions of the original message at all times.

Our linguists know that a correct rendition does not merely consist of translating or interpreting words. Deliberate consideration of the context is essential, as well as observation of and sensitivity to the cultural, social and business environment.

To ensure the highest quality, each language project is meticulously reviewed by professional editors and proofreaders.  Our clients often tell us that that they especially value this thorough review…and it’s included in our price!

We are so sure of the outstanding quality of our services that each project comes with a Triple Guarantee.

You are welcome to contact our Translation Consultants with questions about your project.

We guarantee accurate service and superb performance. As such, all translations come with our Triple Guarantee:
1. Guaranteed Accuracy
2. Best Price
3. Prompt Delivery

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